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My love affair with barbeque began 35 years ago with a wedding present from my wife’s Uncle Charlie and Aunt Mary Clare—a Weber Kettle. At the time, I didn’t realize that I had a passion for cooking, or even barbeque. I started grilling pork steaks and chicken over an open fire, then added flavor by smothering the meat in a famous St. Louis sauce. I finished the meat using my grandmother’s old turkey roaster. While the local sauce worked at the time, I was in for a real surprise when I moved to Texas in 1987.

Our move to Texas opened my eyes to a completely different barbequing experience. I attended my first barbeque cook off the next year.  I was hooked! I had to learn this new way of barbequing. In no time, I came up with my “Tex-Lou” cooking style. Still using grandma’s old turkey roaster, I experimented with different rubs and wood chips to get the flavors perfected. The challenge of creating the perfect sauce, with similar characteristics of that St. Louis sauce, proved to be difficult at this point. 

Thumbing through old cook books, prior to the internet, was tedious and challenging.  Through this research, I realized that a recipe is much like a road map. You can follow the map exactly and get to your destination, or you could take the scenic route by throwing in a little more garlic and a little less onion. I decided to take the scenic route and created the basic recipe for King of the Pit Original Sweet & Smokey.

Over the next two years, I continued tweaking the recipe until it had what I thought was the best combination of flavor and ingredients. I would make it on a regular basis and occasionally give a bottle to friends who appreciated good sauce. Around the holidays, we’d make a large batch and give it as gifts from “Santa Sauce”. Each year our holiday list grew. Our 2009 gifts from “Santa Sauce” program yielded over 500 bottles of King of the Pit Sauce.

As the local popularity of the Original Sweet & Smokey increased, friends asked for a HOT version of our sauce. After several years of altering the Original recipe, King of the Pit Engine 22, named for the fire station at the front of the neighborhood, was born. The right combination of heat and sweet, Engine 22 quickly became a household, and fire station, favorite! In addition to the “typical” sauce, and after researching the growing popularity of East Coast mustard and vinegar based sauces, I developed King of the Pit GOLD. GOLD has similar qualities of our Original Sweet & Smokey, but is great on chicken, pork, and even fish!

 Friends would always tell me how good my King of the Pit Barbeque Sauce was and always asked when I would start marketing it. After hearing this for a number of years, I seriously contemplated starting The King of the Pit Barbeque Sauce Company. Soon, I began working on our business plan—no scenic route this time!--  and researching the foundation of our company. After loads of hard work, much like the time spent in our Texas kitchen perfecting each recipe, our company is now standing.